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About AmeriTek Environmental Services, LLC

Choose a trusted name in LDAR compliance. AmeriTek Environmental Services, LLC manages LDAR programs for a wide range of clients throughout the nation. Our unique, regional and national account management framework, combined with our client-focused team model, allows us to deliver a high level of quality assurance and continual customer satisfaction. If your current contractor is lacking in service and having turnover issues, contact us. We have an excellent compliance record and extensive fugitive emissions management experience.

Your Compliance Assurance Partner

As your trusted partner, we'll help you ensure you comply with all government regulations. Our technicians and supervisors have extensive regulatory expertise in LDAR consulting and project management. They go through extensive testing and training to deliver the best service in the industry and keep you in full compliance.

Our People

At AmeriTek Environmental Services, LLC, we believe our highly trained technicians are our greatest asset and most important salesmen. We are very selective in whom we employ, and we look at how each prospective employee will fit into the quality-oriented culture of our company. We place a high value on the maturity and communication skills of our technicians and supervisory personnel because these are essential for quality leadership. Our employees collectively become your assurance that AmeriTek Environmental Services, LLC will meet your LDAR requirements on time.

Training & Assurance

Our technicians are trained to provide all first attempts. Our training and documentation include:

Training Programs

  • Technician LDAR Training (Level 1-3)
  • LDAR Standard Operating Procedures
  • Method 21 Procedures
  • Consent Decree
  • AmeriTek's FE Technicians Are Trained To Provide All 1st Attempts


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Excellent Compliance Record for Our Customer's LDAR Programs
  • Extensive Fugitive Management Experience
  • Compliance Assurance Partner
  • Regulatory Expertise In LDAR Consulting and Project Management

Our 5 Priorities

Our customers make buying decisions based on five main factors: safety, performance, quality, service, and value for money. At AmeriTek Environmental Services, LLC, we provide the best results in all five of these categories. We have built our business by focusing on these five priorities year after year, and we plan to continue this strategy in the future. Our customers rely on our deep industry expertise and hire us to manage complex environmental programs.