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"At AmeriTek Environmental, we feel that a company providing service, unlike purchasing a commodity, is judged not only on actual performance, but of the professionalism of the personnel completing the work required. We believe our highly trained technicians are our greatest asset, and being that they are directly involved with our customers in the field where it counts the most, we feel they are our most important salesman. We are very selective and look at the long term fit of our people with the overall quality - oriented culture of our company. We place a high value on the maturity and communication skills in our technicians and supervisory personnel. We believe these are the traits accompany quality leadership. They collectively become your assurance that AmeriTek Environmental will meet your LDAR requirements on time. Our personnel know the value of teamwork.

Fugitive Emissions Monitoring Fugitive Emissions Monitoring

We have best practices that you can use to achieve success for your Fugitive Emissions Program, including:
  • Benchmarking
  • Forecasting 
  • Strategic planning for performance monitoring